I have also some hobbies. Often I met me with my friends in a coffee bar, there we speak a little bit about our lives and school and what we will do on weekend. But I also like to ride my bike. Every day I am riding my bike for half an hour. I have a hometrainer in my bathroom. I think it is very important to keep your body in form.

At the weeken I go out with my friends. First we meet at a friend and then we first go to Bärnbach and then at 2 o'clock we mostly go to Köflach. There we drink something and we dance. Often we stay until 6 o'clock in the morning. Of course next day we all are very tired and so we all stay at home and sleep.

I also have a big interest. France. I love the language and someday I want to work in France. I was there with my father in aprile, because I had to help him with his work. I saw the city Nantes and I loved it there.

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