I love "How I met your mother". It is my favourite series. In this story, a man, called, Ted, tells his children, how he met their mother. A lot of women appear, but none of them is the mother. Ted has a best friend, called Marshel, they know each other since the college and so Ted also knows Ted's girlfriend Lilly, who becomes the wife of Marshell. In the first episode Ted mets Robin, his big love, but not the mother of his children. First they become a couple, but then they become best friends. Then, there is a fifth person in Ted's lif, Barney, who hates love and so he loves to play with girls. One time, he becomes a couple with Robin, but they separate.

I also like the series "scrubs". I saw all episodes and I like it, how the combinate fun and hospital stuff. I like Elliot Ried, because in the first episodes, she is very unconfident, but then she becomes more and more confident. Since the first episode she in in love with J.D. the main actor, who tells his story of his life. More often, they separate, but at the end of the episodes, they become a couple.


I like to hear music. When I tidy up my room, I hear my favourite music. Mostly David Guetta. I think, he is the best DJ on the world. I think, every song from him is very good and on every party this songs are played.

He comes from France and remixes songs with the most famous musicians of the world. He earns more money than any other DJs and he makes a music-tour around the whole world.

But I also like "The black eyed peas". I think this band belongs to the best bands on the world. A lots of their songs becomes very famous. I love their songs "Just can't get enough" and "Where is the love?"

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