When I was 7 I began to vistit primary school in Rosental. In the 4th. form my class and I went to Murau for 3 days. There we learned about scientology and biology in the nature.

After primary school, I went to secondary school in Köflach. In the first form we went du a swim course in Radkersburg. In the second form we went skiing to the Klipitztörl for 5 days. There we had some competitions and i got the 3rd prize. After the second form, in the third form my class and I made a sport week in Klopein. There we rode a bike, we swam in the lake and I played tennis with some friends. We also went to the lake-promenade and there we bought some things. In the last year in secondary school, we saw Vienna. There we went up to the Stephands dome and I went shopping in the Mariahilfer street.

After secondary school I didn't know exactly what I will do. First I wantet du make an apprenticeship as a druggist, but then I decided to go to the HLW. At my first day, I was crying, when I came home. But then I found friends and now I am very happy, that I went to this school. In the first year we had some days at the "Salzstiegl" to get to know to each other. In the second form we went to a sport week, where we rode the bikes. After this form, the school began to become more difficult. In the 3rd. form, we visited England. First we were in London and then we lived 2 weeks in Exeter, where we worked in shops and we lived at host families. In the end of the year we had to make our internship. I did mine in Switzerland. There I had to speak french and I worked in the service in a hotel. I learned so much for my life. When I came back to school, I had to learn for my cooking exam, which I had in may. In aprile I visited Italiy, Florence for one week. There we also lived at host families. Now I am preparing my presentations for my exams. :)


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